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Nala’s is a foster-based rescue, with dogs in various locations throughout Martin County in foster homes and/or  boarding facilities.

“Meet and Greets” are conducted by appointment only and will be set up after an adoption application has been submitted.

Here are the dogs available for adoption.

We will try to have all the appropriate dogs at one location for the scheduled initial meet and greet. We encourage you to bring your dog to the appointment if you are looking for a compatible match!

If you are interested in any of Nala’s dogs please contact Barbi to schedule your appt., call (772) 485-3799 or email at

Thank you for  your understanding.


Nala’s New Life Rescue is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, no-kill organization dedicated to rescuing companion animals including dogs, cats and horses that have been abused, forgotten, rejected or abandoned.

Nala’s New Life Rescue saved the lives of over 150 dogs and placed them in new homes last year.

We never discriminate on the basis of health, age or breed. We specialize in saving unwanted dogs who otherwise would be euthanized or gassed at kill shelters. Once rescued, all of our animals  have a full veterinary examination, vaccinations and are spayed or neutered before they are placed into carefully screened foster homes or placed up for adoption. If neither a foster home nor a permanent home is available, the dogs are boarded temporarily at local vets or day care facilities until they are emotionally and/or physically healed or a home becomes available.


Thanks to our sponsors!


Nala’s New Life Rescue is honored to partner with Hospice of the Treasure Coast to ensure that the companion animals of patients who have passed away and have no one to take them are cared for and adopted by new forever families.  Nala’s Rescue strives to place animals from Hospice directly into foster or forever homes rather than a kennel in order to minimize the stress these animals suffer after losing their home and family.  Recently, Kandi, an 11-year-old Coton de Tulear, came into our rescue from Hospice, and she was quickly adopted into a wonderful home.  She can be seen here lounging in the pool and enjoying her new life.  Trevor, a 7-year-old shepherd mix, also recently came into our rescue from Hospice, and he was just adopted by the wonderful woman who last year adopted Francine, another Nala’s Rescue dog.  Trevor is pictured here with his new buddy, Francine.

Volunteers Needed!

Nala’s is a ‘Foster’ based rescue and has many rescued dogs in their care, it is a very big task to take care of these babies daily. If you are a volunteer, or looking for a way to volunteer, please consider donating some time to help with the feeding and caring for these dogs. One day, or a few days, would make a world of difference for the dogs. They are wonderful dogs waiting to be fostered or adopted, human contact is very important for them. The location is Palm City off Citrus Blvd., help is needed 4-6 daily. If interested, please contact Kim at (305) 298-6555 or send an email at Thank you!