Nellis is a wonderful senior female Boxer who has a very sad story. She was rescued from Okeechobee Animal Control as a 6 week old puppy by Nala’s 7 years ago. Nala’s found her a perfect home with a loving owner and she was the center of attention for 6 years. She spent hours with her owner just watching TV and playing ball. Then tragically her owner became very sick and passed away last year. Nellis was devastated and you can still see the sadness in her eyes. She came back to Nala’s when her owner passed away and she is so lonely, every day still hoping her owner will come to take her home. Nellis is very well behaved and housebroken. would be best with a fenced yard and someone to love her in her senior years. Nellis has always been an only dog in the home and knows basic commands. She would be a wonderful companion for someone who wants a sweet, easy going dog.