Congratulations to Peaches on her adoption! This girl is very special to everyone at Nala’s. For those who don’t know, Peaches was rescued in Georgia after all her puppies died. She was full of milk and the dog we rescued Nita who had blind puppies was unable to nurse. So we found out about Peaches and rescued her. Even though the puppies were too sick to nurse, Peaches was amazing with them and all the other dogs. Thanks to Chuck and Jill for giving Peaches a wonderful home, complete with Yeager (previously adopted from Nala’s) and Rocco, another puppy so she has plenty of friends. Peaches will be a “snowdog” as she will be living in luxury on the water in Stuart in the winter and in the country in Massachusetts in the summer. We love you Peaches and hope you have many happy years with your new family.