Harley and Dooley


Congratulations to Harley and Dooley on their adoption! This is a very special day for these boys as everyone at Nala’s has been hoping these boys could find a forever home together. For those who don’t know, Harley and Dooley were found huddled together on the side of a remote road in the middle of the state by some good samaritans who brought them back to Stuart and Nala’s was the only rescue who would take them in. They were starved, not neutered and very scared. But we could tell they had gentle personalities and just wanted to be loved. We are so thankful to Jason and Lauren and their 2 daughters for giving these boys a chance and welcoming them into their family. They have done an amazing job of training Harley and Dooley in the short time they have had them and the boys could never have found a more perfect home. We know they will have a lifetime of happiness. We love you Harley and Dooley!