Congratulations to Hennessy on her adoption! Pictured on the right with her new best friends Chappy and Finn, Hennessy is extremely happy in her new home. For those who don’t know Hennessy’s story, she was rescued from Okeechobee Animal Control after being found on the street starved and scared with her 8 puppies. It was a week before Christmas and no rescues stepped up to take this brave mom and her puppies so Nala’s took them. As with many of our dogs, a joint effort with some of our amazing volunteers and our partner RUFF Pet Rescue, made this possible. A huge thanks to our transporter Terry who cared for Hennessy and her puppies for a month, our volunteer and adopter of 2 Nala’s dogs, Analia who fostered them also and our volunteer and Facebook administrator Marie who also fostered them for a time. All of the puppies were quickly adopted to wonderful homes and now it was Hennessy’s turn. After months of care to get her healthy, she now has a perfect forever home with Jessica, Troy and their 2 children. And of course their 2 dogs who have made Hennessy feel like part of the family already. We wish Hennessy and her family a lifetime of happiness. #nalasrescue #happynalastails