Congratulations to Kane on his adoption! Kane has a story that he would like to share with everyone even if it helps keep just one dog from getting heartworm disease. Kane was rescued by Nala’s from Okeechobee Animal Control when he was less than a year old. The problem was that Kane was HEARTWORM POSITIVE. At this young age and being such a small dog, our  Veterinarian Dr. Rich Bressman, who has treated hundreds of our heartworm positive dogs over the years spread out Kane’s treatments to give him the best chance of surviving this totally preventable disease. The treatment was brutal for his little guy but with the help of his awesome foster Kathryn, he survived, Now he is making the best of his second chance at life and was just recently adopted by Sue and Bill. He has 4 cats to keep him company, grand children to play with and he is a very happy boy. We love you Kane and wish you a healthy, happy life. We are honored to have rescued this brave little guy.