We are thrilled to share a very special adoption! Miley was rescued by Nala’s from Okeechobee Animal Control and due to her wonderful temperament and gentle personality, she became the “mascot” at Nala’s ranch. When we would bring new dogs into the rescue or would need to evaluate possible dogs to send on transport, Miley was our “go to” girl. Every dog loved Miley, even dogs that were previously not good with other dogs. She just had a special gift to bring the best out of other dogs when she was with them. Now MIley has found her forever home after helping other dogs get ready for adoption. Many thanks to Michelle, Abby and their family for welcoming Miley into their home. Miley even has a cat brother who was adopted from Nala’s years ago so we are happy to add Miley to Michelle’s family. She is definitely living her best life, we love you Miley!