Congratulations to Polly on her adoption! This brave girl has finally found her forever home and everyone at Nala’s is so happy for her. For those who don’t know her story, Polly was at Okeechobee Animal Control when Barbi and Amy were choosing dogs to transport to our partners up north. They went to the kennel to meet a dog already chosen for transport and Polly was in the same kennel. They quickly realized there was something wrong as Polly was missing a big part of her nose. Long story short, she had been gored by a hog and her nose required 2 surgeries and rehabilitation which Nala’s raised the money to pay for.  It has healed great and there is still a hole in her nose but it is smaller and basically now just cosmetic. Thankfully Laura and Jeff fell in love with Polly and her story and had no problem overlooking her nose when they welcomed her into their home. She is adjusting very well and enjoying her new family!