Congratulations to Remy on his adoption! Every once in a while we have an adoption that has such a story it is extremely rewarding. Remy is one of those adoptions as he is one of Hennessey’s beautiful puppies who was originally adopted to a family as a puppy and a few months ago he was returned due to family circumstances. He was trying to find his way in life, find where he fit in and hope for a new family to welcome him into their life. Gere and her dog Milly have friends who adopted Remy’s brother and sister and she heard that Remy was in need of a home. After fostering for a while, as you will see in the video, Remy is now home! And we could not be happier for this sweet boy. Spending days at the beach and loving life, we thank Gere for her compassion and dedication to Remy and for allowing him to become a cherished family member. We love you Remy!!