Congratulations to Tiger Lilly on her adoption! Pictured here with her head on her new brother, Tiger Lilly is an amazing story of strength and love. A couple months ago Barbi received a call from a construction worker in PSL who had been working outside on a job and heard crying all day. He finally located the sound and it was Tiger Lilly, only a tiny kitten and she was found by a dumpster. He could not find any rescue to help this kitten as her tail had been mangled by something and major infection had already set in. Nala’s agreed to take this little girl, knowing we were her only hope. We took her to All Creatures right away and as expected she needed emergency surgery to amputate half her tail that could not be saved. She survived that surgery then another that followed and soon was on her way to recovery. She is a very brave kitten and her spirit and trust for humans never wavered. As usual, it took a village to save Tiger Lilly. Many thanks to the Veterinarians and staff at All Creatures Animal Hospital for spending extra time holding and loving Tiger Lilly while she was in the hospital. And to our number one cat foster mom Kathryn who cared for her until her forever home came along. And we are so greatful to Stephen, NIkki and their family for welcoming Tiger Lilly into their home. Her new brother Loki, was rescued by our volunteer and super puppy foster mom Sandra around the same time we rescued Tiger Lilly. Stephen and Nikki adopted Loki and now Tiger Lilly completes the family. And thank you to everyone who donated to make it possible for Nala’s to save her. We wish them all a lifetime of happiness!