Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Birdie. I am a lovable female Cattledog mix, I weigh about 38 pounds and I am 4 years old, and here is my story.
For much of my life, I lived outside, tied to a chain. I kept having litter after litter of puppies and after the last litter was born 3 months ago, I was taken to a remote shelter in the middle of nowhere (not Okeechobee Animal Control) they had no medical care there so all 5 of my puppies died. I was devastated and after being there for a month, I had given up hope. Then one day they told me my time was up and someone took me in a truck to a place called “Nala’s” and my prayers were answered. I had air conditioning, good food, and a comfortable bed and everyone at Nala’s was so nice to me. I am now spayed, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. The only problem is nobody ever gave me heartworm prevention so I have to go through heartworm treatment which Nala’s pays for and they assure me I will be fine. I love everyone but especially kids. I mean I love kids!! If anyone has kids and would like a friendly, lovable, loyal, gentle dog please think of me. I was lucky enough to go to a foster home with kids for Thanksgiving and I had a great time! We sat on the couch for hours and I was so happy in a home. I am back at Nala’s now because the family already adopted 2 dogs from Nala’s and they are only allowed 2 dogs where they live. Thanks for listening. Love, Birdie