Raven & Trixie


Congratulations to sweet sisters Raven and Trixie on their adoption! These girls had been together since birth and when their owner was deployed to a military base they found themselves without a home. The owner tried many shelters to get these girls to a safe place but everyone was full and even though Nala’s is not really set up for cats but Barbi felt it was the right thing to do to take these girls. They were well behaved cats and quietly waited at Nala’s ranch, hoping a family would come along to adopt them both because all they had left was each other. We would not separate them and right before Christmas we received a great application from a wonderful couple and the rest is history. Raven and Trixie are now home and we feel like this was our Nala’s miracle Christmas for Raven and Trixie. Many thanks to Linda and Bob for welcoming them into their home and we wish them many years of happiness!